Manitou Perkins 3.2kw Mahle Starter Motor

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Genuine Mahle 3.2kw Gear Reduction Starter Motor. Fits many Manitou models with Perkins engines. Such as MT & MLT 633, 634, 730, 731, 732, 735, 741, 932 etc

Also fits most 4236, 1000 series and 1100 series Perkins engines with mechanical fuel injection in many applications Including

Manitou, JCB, etc

Replaces old Lucas traditional starter motor LRS969 & requires no major modifications to fit, Enabling faster engine cranking speed for much easier starting in all weathers.

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Genuine Mahle OEM

Part Number

2873B072, 2873K405, 2873K634, 958579, T410865

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